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Clean Smog


Onipresente, encontramos petróleo em plásticos, combustíveis, cosméticos, etc. É um produto fundamental, mas traz diversos efeitos contaminantes aos humanos e ao meio ambiente. Use-o para o fundamental e com parcimônia. Sua pegada mais leve.

Air Pollution Poster for Eco Art: Graphic Design for Change, Riverside Art Museum- Riverside

VICKY-An image of a motorcar is turned upside down with its wheels now become the wheels of a bicycle. The car can symbolize the problem of ‘air pollution’ as the waste gas is always discharged from the cars’ exhausts and it causes the problem of air pollution. Also, the bicycle can visually convey the solution of reducing air pollution. Overall, this poster is to educate the general public to ride bicycles instead of driving cars as it is a way to reduce the air pollution.

Clearing the air?

whose air? everyone's air. one planet. Air pollution in China. (luckily their air is different than ours<---sarcasm)

Industrial photograph pollution smog factory by judeMcConkeyPhotos, $30.00