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an abstract black and white photo with lines in the shape of a starburst
made with code / processing
an abstract painting with blue and purple colors
Mitsuo Katsui
Mitsuo Katsu Design Graphic Art Composition Nice
an abstract painting with lines and colors in the center, against a black background that has white writing on it
Kōichi Satō – Posters
Kōichi Satō – Posters | Graphicine
an image of a blue and red object with the words life written in chinese on it
koichi sato - Google 검색
a poster with the words i'd candle night written in black and yellow on it
Great and fun design. Is very clean looking and minimalist. Yet, the texture in the flames makes the design burst (pun intended) to life. It feels like it's moving on it's own
an abstract pattern made up of circles and stars in black and white, on a dark background
Andy Gilmore의 작품들 (두번째)
an advertisement for the international year of chemistry, with cubes in black and white
Poster Design
Poster Design
an abstract background with circles and lines in blue, pink, red and white colors
Gold Panda / Companion (2011)
Gold Panda's Companion album cover
an image of a bunch of circles on a black background with the words futurism
Futurism - An Odyssey in Continuity
many white candles are placed in glass containers on the brick floor, along with one another
Modern candle holders | Wedding & Party Ideas
if any candles, have them in subtle, modern holders to keep the vintage vibe balanced?