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a white bath tub sitting in a bathroom next to a wooden table and chair on top of a rug
A dream eighteenth-century house in Bath restored by designer Patrick Williams
a bathroom with white tile and gold trim on the shower door, windows, and towels
primary showe
the interior of an old building with marble floors and walls
a living room filled with lots of furniture and potted plants on top of it
a glass display case in the middle of a room with yellow walls and floral wallpaper
Gold Floral Wallpaper Bathroom Freestanding Shower Inspiration Decor
Makers of luxury bathrooms for 35 years. Visit our website to see more.
an open shower door in a bathroom with white tile and gold fixtures on the wall
Projects — Bananas & Hammocks
a kitchen with wooden cabinets and glass doors on the front wall, next to a potted plant
a bathroom with a stand up shower in the corner and green walls on the other side
The Spittal Freestanding Shower - Drummonds Bathrooms
an elegant bathroom with marble floors and walls
Gallery - Drummonds Bathrooms
Gallery | Drummonds Bathrooms