The best time I ever had with Joan Crawford was when I pushed her down the stairs in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? Bette Davis
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an outdoor area with stone steps and stairs
Fallingwater: Entrance to Edgar Kaufmann's dressing room
the wooden railings are lined up against the stone wall in this outdoor space with large windows
Casa de la Cascada | Fallingwater
a set of stairs in front of a stone wall
Falling Water
an empty room with concrete steps leading up to the door
Alcuni motivi per cui Carlo Scarpa è un architetto inarrivabile
a set of wooden stairs leading up to a door with a statue on the wall behind it
Carlo Scarpa, Jacopo Famularo · Palazzo Abatellis
some shelves that are on the side of a wall with light coming in from them
a black box sitting on the ground in front of some white steps and railings
Innenrenovierung Evangelische Friedenskirche Heidelberg
Innenrenovierung Evangelische Friedenskirche Heidelberg -