We love Foxes...all wee folk do! They are very wise and also a little bit magical and if you are kind to them they will be your best friend forever and they…
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a red fox sitting in the snow with its eyes closed
Interview: Exploring the Wonderful World of Wild Foxes in Japan with Hiroki Inoue
a close up of a fox in the snow with its eyes closed and tongue out
Fez 🇹🇭 🇯🇵 🔜 FurGET | Infurnity (@fezfoxdown) / Twitter
a red fox laying in the grass next to a tree
Daily Fox #5. Such a cute little guy
a red fox is laying in the leaves
Found this pretty guy in the forest last fall
a close up of a fox with green eyes looking out from behind a tree trunk
My mom took an amazing picture of this Fox
a small brown and white animal laying on top of a green grass covered field with it's eyes closed
Butterfly on fox nose!!
a red fox sitting on top of a tree stump looking at the camera with an alert look
Posing.....Note: NOT Backlit!...Series
an oil painting of a fox looking at the camera
X. It’s what’s happening