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The Mall

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Larry Lessig, Off the Grid

Illustration by Simon Prades

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Bloomberg's Favorite Toy

Illustration by Sam Bosma

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The Real Cure for Aids by Daniel Engber Illustration by Sachin Teng

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Liz Cheney's Wyoming Flame-Out a Surprise? Not If You Look at Her Background.

Illustration by Anton Marrast

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Like It or Not, Movie Lovers Are Going to Forgive Woody Allen

Illustration by Adam Tan

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Don’t You Dare Say “Disruptive” by Judith Shulevitz Illustration by Joe Wilson

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Why David Cameron Has Proved Ill-Equipped as Prime Minister by Geoffrey Wheatcroft Illustration by Will Oliver

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Inside The Mind of Cory Booker by Noam Scheiber Illustration by Simon Prades

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Ignore Huma Abedin by Isaac Chotiner Illustration by Tang Yau Hoong

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Hunger Games

Illustration by Jonny Ashcroft