Buy Tesco Everyday Value Apple Pie (400g) online in Tesco at mySupermarket

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Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery: Tesco Fresh Soup

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With the re-design Tesco have launched a premium range of Mexican flavours with a twist

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Tesco everyday value

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Really chap lager. Ok, so not ACTUALLY Tesco Value Lager. But something cheap enough such that it's not too upsetting when it gets all warm. #2000treeskit #2000treats @2000trees Festival Festival

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Tesco Everyday Value Tomato Ketchup 590G Bottle - Groceries - Tesco Groceries

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Buy Tesco Everyday Value Ready Salted Crisps (12x20g) online in Tesco at mySupermarket. Definitely tried and tested gluten-free.

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Watercolour illustrations and hand written style typography in Tesco Fresh Soup packages.

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not personal care appropriate but I like how the different fonts are used together

P designs Tesco ingredients range

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