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Are you looking for a number sense unit that will help you teach your K-2 students all about numbers? You will receive research-based number sense lessons, assessments, activities, and math games. Students will learn about subitizing, counting, cardinality, 1-1 correspondence, place value and more!
Fun and easy variations on the classic Dots and Boxes game!  {Anne Gardner's Educational Resources}

Number Sense

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Teaching multiplication

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3 ways to integrate phonics and math in the kindergarten, first grade, and second grade classroom

Addition + Subtraction

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Teaching Multiplication Fact Fluency with Meaning
Discover the secret to boosting multiplication fact fluency in your students in just minutes a day! These low prep, engaging, and effective lessons for multiplication strategies are the missing link you need to unlock mastery. Check out the research and the "why" behind effective multiplication instruction in this great blog post!
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Teaching Multiplication Fact Strategies
Mastering multiplication made fun and easy! Explore the ultimate Multiplication Facts Toolkit packed with engaging resources and innovative tools for effective learning. Empower students to conquer math facts with confidence! Perfect for grade 3 and 4! Discover more here.
the fun and easy way to teach numbers with flashcards
Ten Tiny Teaching Tips To Try Today
Ten Tiny Teaching Tips To Try Today ~ Anne Gardner's Educational Resources
teaching multiplication facts
Boost Multiplication Fact Fluency with Strategy-Based Learning
Discover the secret to boosting multiplication fact fluency in your students in just minutes a day! These low prep, engaging, and effective lessons for multiplication strategies are the missing link you need to unlock mastery. Ditch the worksheets and help build REAL multiplication fact fluency and understanding. Check the link to learn more!
the fun and easy way to teach numbers with flashcards
Fun with Flashcards
Free tips & ideas for using flashcards in fun and engaging ways!
teaching multiplication facts Teach Multiplication Facts, Learning Multiplication Facts, Teach Multiplication, Multiplication Fluency, Learn Multiplication
Building Multiplication Fact Fluency
I think all elementary teachers agree that teaching multiplication fact fluency is critical. I also think teachers agree that finding ways to help students learn multiplication fact strategies isn't always easy--and our math programs don't always help. Check out this post to learn more about how you can teach multiplication facts in a fun and engaging way to make sure your students have multiplication mastery!
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An Inside Tour of my No Prep MATH Intervention Binder! - Miss DeCarbo
This HUGE intervention binder has over 300 pages of no-prep, explicit, and intentional math intervention. This binder is ink-friendly because it can be used over and over again with the use of sheet protectors and dry erase markers. Intervention tools will be at your fingertips with your time-saving and effective binder!
the problem is to solve problems with this freebie
Are you ready to transform your math class? Check out this engaging, no-prep, problem-solving activity from The Teacher Studio. With this FREEBIE designed for grades 3, 4, and 5--watch as your students develop a deep understanding of real-world problem solving and a love and excitement for mathematics. Check the link to get started!
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Word problems for every season
Because every math series or curriculum is different and paced differently, there is no room for “seasonal” real-world problems. I wanted to have a collection of word problems that I could use throughout the year to capture my students’ interest in a timely way. It was important for me to have real-world, seasonal word problems that my students would really need to persevere to tackle and that I could use in different ways. Check out this blog post for more!
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Free Problem Solving Strategy Guide? YES!
Discover the secrets to effective problem-solving with this free Problem Solving Strategy Guide! Designed for Grades 3-4, this guide features 7 key problem solving strategies that enhance math skills and critical thinking. Also included is a great free math task to get your students thinking and talking about math! Grab this valuable resource and empower your students to tackle math challenges with confidence!
no prep intention binder for preschool and pre - k students to practice their writing skills
Math Intervention Binder No Prep
Math Intervention Binder - No Prep
the real world math task is shown with text reading, solve problems that are meaningful to students
The benefits of using low floor, high ceiling math tasts
Open-Ended Math Tasks! Are you using enough rich math tasks in your class? Check out this post with a ton of reasons (OK, TWELVE of them!) why we should be incorporating more of these real-world, open-ended problem-solving experiences. Check out all the amazing things we can accomplish with them! Help your student become better problem solvers.
the problem is to solve problems with this freebie
A great problem solving task!
Dive into the world of math magic with this FREE Open-Ended Math Performance Task! 🌟✨ Crafted to spark critical thinking and ignite those problem-solving neurons, this gem brings math to life in a way that's both engaging and practical. 🧠💡 For all you fabulous educators seeking to add some zest to your lesson plans with absolutely NO PREP, this freebie is your golden ticket! 🎉 Grab your copy now and let the math adventures begin. Check the link to get started!
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Setting Up and Using Independent Math Centers
How to set up independent math centers for primary students. Learn how independent math centers fit into the math workshop routine. Get two FREE math games to try out!