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rainbow window art project for kids with the title overlay reading rainbow window art project
Rainbow Cellophane Window Art for Kids
Rainbow Window Art for Kids to Make That’s Gorgeous!
colorful glass hanging from the side of a building with potted plants on either side
Farolitos made with colorful cellophane and wooden frames. El Salvador.
a woman is holding a bag with gold foil on it and she has her hand over the top of the bag
Cellophane Flower | Sophie's World
Cellophane Flower
two children reaching for a colorful piece of art on the window sill with their hands
How to: Cut the cellophane into smaller pieces in different shapes Mix about 2/3 soap with 1/3 water Smear the window with the soapy water Place pieces of cellophane on the wet part of the window Repeat as needed
two pieces of art are hanging on a window sill in front of a tree
Kiwi Crate
faux stained-glass collage (cut up colored cellophane sandwiched between contact paper)
Contact + cellophane window art - also colour and shape sorting practice Preschool Color Theme, School Holiday Activities, Holiday Activities For Kids, Baby Sensory Play, Preschool Colors, Shapes Preschool, Holiday Planner, Printable Activities For Kids, Teaching Preschool
Colourful Cellophane Sticky Art
Contact + cellophane window art - also colour and shape sorting practice
a young boy standing in front of a display of colorful glass
nest and stack color blocks-could be made with cut-out cardboard boxes and colored cellophane
Colored Cellophane Glasses That Kids Can Make Themselves! Lesson Plans, Toilet Paper Rolls, Everyday Crafts, Mom Crafts, Colored Glasses, Creative Games, Lesson Planning, Creative Learning, Paper Rolls
creative jewish mom
Colored Cellophane Glasses That Kids Can Make Themselves!
a blue and green butterfly sitting on top of a vase with its wings spread out
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Full Color Natural Fairy Wings Wedding by WhimsyEverlasting
a multicolored glass candle holder with a lit candle in the middle on a white background
Week 10: J; Scripture: 'Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”' ~John 8:12; Snack: cupcakes (with candles--careful); Craft: Stained-glass votives. (Needed: small glasses, different colored cellophane paper (cut into little squares), PVA glue, paintbrushes (for the glue), votive candles.)
an open window with polka dots on it
DIY Colored Cellophane Mosaic Window | Crate&Kids Blog
Colored Cellophane Mosaic Window - can't say I would apply it this way, with the tape and not so straight cuts, but the idea is kind of neat....
a young boy kneeling down to pick up trash
Sunlight through colored cellophane
an open window with colorful squares and dots on the curtain, in front of a tree
DIY Colored Cellophane Mosaic Window | Crate&Kids Blog
Try this: Colored Cellophane Mosaic Window - Honest To Nod
an abstract photograph of colorful plastic foil