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korean traditional wedding

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Korean-style house interior

사단법인 한국 민화 연구소

사단법인 한국 민화 연구소

책가도 - Google 검색 / Japan / Ryokan //Bettei Otozure located in Nagato-City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, is surrounded by nature, the mountains, beautiful landscape and the river called Otuzure.

Jangdokdae (Korean: 장독대): A Korean saying states that every house's good taste comes from its Jangdokdae, which is the place where Koreans place the pots used to store fermented food. Jangdokdae is usually in the backyard near the kitchen in a high area with plenty of sunshine and good ventilation.

Lotus Lantern Festival (Buddha's birthday) May 9-11, 2014 Seoul