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several pieces of fruit sitting on top of a counter next to an apple and a cup
Cinnamon Apple Cream Puffs
2h 35m
a group of people that are holding some kind of cakes in their hands with faces painted on them
Dulces para el mes de marzo
two donuts decorated like buns with frosting and bunny ears
{Pâques} 30 desserts originaux!
a person is holding several small cupcakes with animals on them in their hands
a teddy bear cake sitting on top of a cutting board
small croissants with cream filling on a plate
Doggy Cream Puffs
two croissants with powdered sugar and ice cream on them are being held by someone
Dessert-Filled Croissants
an assortment of sandwiches with different colored toppings on them, including peanut butter and jelly
Maître Choux