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a circular object in the middle of a room with water and light reflecting on it
Salone del Mobile 2019: i posti più instagrammabili
three different images of flowers and lights in the dark night, each with an abstract design
Incredibly Beautiful Fractal Flowers
Fractal flowers by Silvia Cordedda // digital art // floral art
a person standing in front of a large screen with lights on it's sides
Leo Villareal LED installation
two people standing in front of three large screens with white lights on the wall and one person looking at it
Interactive Light Installation at STRP Biennale
Interactive Light Installation at STRP Biennale_7
a person sitting on a chair in front of a projector with projected images on the wall
Victoria Jones Photography
an empty hallway with some lights on the ceiling
Design Gallerist | Rare & Unique Products
Daniele Buetti Installation
a blue light shines on the wall next to a potted plant in a dark room
These Tings Take Time
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