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Why Cities Must Allow Us to Love and Leave our Cars

This is another great use of expressive typography. Using the “o” instead of any other letter was the best choice with this word. The “o” in this case gives us the “aw” sound when saying the word “drop” rather than a long o sound like the word “stove”. Great job on this one.

:: Tony Takitani ::

Yong Seung-Choon, Seoul 1988

Hello everyone! Feel invited to join us for our first live event this Sunday at MOMA Warsaw.

Pinned this while looking for more three-dimensional treatments. This still feels a little bit weak somehow, maybe because it feels flimsy? (“The Blue Hour” invitation poster - Graphis)

重庆房地产广告精选的照片 - 微相册

重庆房地产广告精选的照片 - 微相册

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"It's often what an artist chooses to leave out that makes the art interesting. What isn't shown versus what is. It's the same for people: What makes us interesting isn't just what we've experienced, but also what we haven't experienced. The same is true to when you do your work: You must embrace your limitations and keep moving. In the end creativity isn't just the things we choose to put in, it's the things we choose to leave out." Austin Kleon "Steal like an Artist". Posters by Sulki and…