32. Proposal Design

Proposal Design 제안서 디자인
401 Pins
the brand guidelines for art direction
Motto | Branding Agency | Ideas Worth Rallying Around®
the poster for lights on the spot shows an image of a white ball in front of a
2022 Taiwan Lantern festival in Kaohsiung⁠
an image of a diagram with circles and numbers on it, all connected to one another
Matt DesLauriers (@mattdesl) / X
an image of different colored buttons on a white background with the words, you are right here
the landing page for an airliner's website, with green and white colors
a person with an orange umbrella standing in the middle of a path surrounded by trees
an article about architecture and its impact on the environment in this textural graphic design
Gallery of BIG Selected to Design San Pellegrino Factory and Headquarters in Northern Italy - 46
the girl is riding her bike in the desert
«Per il lavoro importante, le istruzioni sono sempre insufficienti. Per il lavoro che ci proponiamo di realizzare, la ricompensa viene dal fatto che non vi è alcuna garanzia, che il percorso non è ben illuminato, che non possiamo essere verosimilmente certi che funzionerà. (...) Nessuno impara ad andare in bicicletta da un manuale». Seth Godin, "La pratica. L'attività creativa è una scelta quotidiana"
two brochures designed to look like they are on the same page as each other
Dark Side of Typography: Photo
black and white images are arranged in an array, with different lines on the side
a blue book sitting on top of a gray table next to a white and black object
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