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Art lessons for homeschoolers, art teachers, and mamas alike. I love art projects that are easy, fun accessible, and approachable. Everyone can feel like an…
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Jim Dine for Kids- Heart Art
Introduce your young artists to the work and life of Jim Dine. This printable artist study includes two different Jim Dine inspired coloring pages as well as a quick fact sheet, and an artist portrait.
a coloring page with the words love and an image of a woman's face
Romero Britto for kids
Five free printable pages inlcuding Romero Britto coloring pages, portrait, and quick fact sheet! Introduce your kids to Pop art!
the jean michael basquaat worksheet for kids
Jean-Michel Basquiat for Kids - The Kitchen Table Classroom
Jean-Michel Basquiat for Kids
Printable Halloween Masks for Kids to Color
Choose from five free printable Halloween masks that are ready for your kids to color and wear for an easy Halloween craft!
Pumpkin Pop Up Cards for Fall
These pumpkin pop up cards are a fun Halloween craft for kids of all ages!
Foil Art for Kids
Change up your art supply list to include aluminum foil with this colorful foil art for kids idea!
Pumpkin Pop Up Card for Fall
These pumpkin pop up cards are a fun and creative Halloween craft for kids!
How to Preserve Leaves
Easily preserve leaves with glycerin to preserve their color and flexibility. The resulting leaves are perfect for creating leaf art or fall crafts!
Spiderweb Art with Glue and Watercolor
This watercolor resist spiderweb painting uses a traditional cookie decorating technique to create a glue spiderweb perfect for painting over.
Spiderweb Sun Catcher
Black glue and permanent marker combine to make colorful translucent spiderweb sun catchers!
Nature Spiderweb Craft
Make your own twig spiderweb craft with this fun nature craft for fall!
Coffee Filter Spiderweb Craft
These cut paper coffee filter spiderwebs are easy to make as colorful as you want! They’re a not so spooky spiderweb craft!
Easy Spiderweb Drawing for Kids
This easy drawing lesson for kids results in the cutest spider web drawings for some easy fall art!