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wildflowers are blooming in the field with purple and white flowers on them
Algirdas Bauža on Twitter
a close up view of a flower bud on a tree branch in the springtime
PlantFiles Pictures: Magnolia Species, Saucer Magnolia, Tulip Tree (Magnolia soulangeana) by DebinSC
two buds on the end of a tree branch
a large white flower with green leaves around it's center and yellow stamen
Southern Magnolia flower - Magnolia grandiflora - 20130112
a painting of a white flower with green leaves
Place Mats "Magnolia Blossom" by Cala
two pink flowers are blooming on a branch in front of a blue and white sky
Sir20 photography — Magnolia Soulangeana by sir20
pink and white flowers are in a vase
a pink flower with yellow stamen in the center and other flowers behind it on a blurry background
Gardners World Live 207
a field full of different colored wildflowers
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