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What a great representation of what we really face with plastic pollution in our oceans.


Maybe the gardenia could be dropped into the book, water splashing

Oil pollution near a derelict oil refinery at North Teeside,...

This can't be happening. But it is. And we are running out of time to save ourselves and our beautiful home.

Global Destruction #panda #pollution #factory

Mommy, What Was It Like To Live Among The Trees?

children are drawing the shape of a tree out of the stumps of trees. This picture is saying, the children in future generations won't understand what is was when trees were in the world because, we are destroying them and chopping them down. The type of satire being used id juvenile

Waterfalls II by on @deviantART

Polish illustrator Pawel Kuczynski cleverly uses satire to portray today’s social, political and cultural reality.

Illustration 1:2 Visual metaphors

It is a poster of 'California Coastal Clean up Day' to engage people recognise a problem as environmental pollution in California. This poster presents ocean in the background which relates with 'Coastal'. A radial turtle is a single focal image to create visual impact. And radial turtle symbolises nature and marine ecosystem in California Coast. A tire is place on turtle instead of its shell that metaphor a mean of destroyed nature by humen.

Overwatch - Hana Song 01. 오버워치 만화 - 하나 송 01. 이어지는 내용은 링크 타고가서 보기. 다음화가 기대된다.

Overwatch - Hana Song 01. 오버워치 만화 - 하나 송 01. 이어지는 내용은 링크 타고가서 보기. 다음화가 기대된다.