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a large quilt is laying on the floor in front of a wooden table topper
a very large quilt that is on the floor
a very large quilt on the floor in front of a wall and carpeted area
a green and white quilt with red trimmings on the border, in front of a
a quilted wall hanging with green and purple designs on it's sides, in the shape of a star
a colorful quilt with many different shapes and sizes
a white quilt with black, orange and pink triangles on the top is shown in front of a white background
a blue and white quilt that has triangles on it, in the shape of squares
New Year, New Block and Birds in the Air
black and white quilt blocks with arrows in them, all showing the same size as each other
the autumn harvest quilt pattern is featured in white plains quilts'fall 2013 catalog
the cover of a book with an image of a pattern in red, black and white
Phoebe Quilt Pattern - Splendid Speck - Modern Easy Beginner Quilts Patterns