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a man in a mario costume standing on stage wearing a red hat and blue overalls
Photo )) GD's Costumes at BIGBANG Fan Meeting Tour in China • Kpopmap
a male in a white jacket is holding a tennis racket
Dragons, Fandom, Rapper, People, Asian Boys, Handsome, Guys, Bb
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the young man is wearing a red shirt and black jacket
a young man with long hair and piercings on his ear is looking down at something
the boy is wearing a red shirt with flowers on it and he has his arms crossed
Jared Leto, Michael Fassbender, Boy Bands, Jamie Dornan, Bigbang Yg
a man with red hair and piercings holding his hands to his face while standing on stage
Fringes, Nct, Korea, Bangs, Hot Korean Guys
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a man with blonde hair wearing a red hat and ear piercings on his ears
_Fangirl Quotes
a woman with red hair is singing into a microphone and holding her hands to her mouth
Always-GD (@always_gd) on X
a man with red hair and piercings on his ears, wearing a white shirt
Always-GD on Twitter
a man in a red floral shirt smiles at the camera while standing with his eyes closed
a young man with black hair is looking down at his cell phone in front of him
Once a bingu, always a bingu...