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Leanable Umbrella by Jae Hee Park and Cheol Woong Seo

Leanable Umbrella Design

At first glance, Impulse might appear to be just like any other umbrella, but take a look at its handle and you’ll spy something a little bit different. It’s enhanced ergonomic shape not only makes it feel natural and comfortable to carry for extended durations, but it also does double duty as a way to practice strength training!

The Nu-Drip saline bag design is so well designed in such a blatantly obvious way, I’m a little dumbfounded that no one has ever thought of it before. Saline bags come with various paraphernalia that really don’t add to the portability of the solution. You tend to associate the saline bag with that cumbersome metal pole upon which it hangs. In no way does that appear even remotely functional to me. #Medical #YankoDesign

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