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the lego education set is in its box and ready to be assembled with it's contents
Classroom Solutions for STEM and STEAM | LEGO® Education
Homeschool Renewable Energy Extension Pack,5003424
the stars are made out of paper and string
Learning About Constellations Crafts and Activities
STEM Activities: Learning about Constellations - Crafts, Sculptures, & iPad App
a young boy is pouring liquid into a bottle with blue and pink dye on it
Two Color Oil and Water Discovery Bottles
KID SAFE Two-Color Oil and Water Discovery Bottles @ Play Trains! These vibrant discovery bottles contain no lamp oil, using all edible ingredients to make them safe for young children to make themselves!
winter activities for kids to make snow mazes with the sun and snowflakes
Winter Activities for Kids
Fun Winter activities for whether you are snowed in or just dreaming of snow.
a bulletin board with animals and trees on it
Ysgol Y Gelli
really cute savannah paintings and food chain activity
the life cycle of a snake and other animals on a blue background with an arrow pointing to
Food Chain Lesson Plans and Lesson Ideas | BrainPOP Educators
More food chain activities. . .
the life cycle of a frog and other animals is shown on a sheet with white paper
Sample Food Web: Free Food Chain Activity Cards from
paper plates are hanging on the wall in front of a bulletin board with pictures of different animals
What's "growing" on in our classroom?
Week 3: food chain
an owl sitting on top of a stack of cups with words above it that read, food chain stacking cups what a great way to show food chains
Food Chain Stacking Cups
wildlife conservation belt loop: Cute visual for food chains.
an image of a computer screen with clouds in the sky and farm land below it
Water Cycle
FREE Interactive Education: Water Cycle~ Click key words such as "sun and heat" or "vapor" and watch it happen before your eyes. Very cool!
an image of play dough skeletons with instructions to make them look like they're playing
Invitation to Create Play Dough Skeletons or X-Rays
Invitation to Create-Play Dough #Skeletons or X-Rays
a glass ball sitting on the ground in front of some other balls that are covered with snow
This Is What Happens When You Blow Soap Bubbles at -9°C (15,8°F)
Blowing bubbles in the winter... AWESOME photos!
Simple Science - Rising Raisins - using baking soda and vinegar to make raisins dance! Science Experiments Kids, Science Fair Projects, Science Activities For Kids, Easy Science
Simple Science Rising Raisins
Simple Science - Rising Raisins - using baking soda and vinegar to make raisins dance!