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Time is running out for them, not for plastic. Be a responsible tourist. Get involved today. Art Director / Photographer: Deepak Malhotra Copywri

25 Powerful Advertisements

I think this advertisement is so powerful. I love how they use the profile lighting to accentuate the bruised eye with a sad look from the child. This photo really shows strong emotion by only using simple lighting and color.

흡연의 무서움을 알리는 공익광고, Vermont Department of Health: Smoke Baby 미국의 버몬트 보건복지부에서 진행한 캠페인 입니다. 흡연으로 인해서 임산부의 태아에게도 간접흡연의 피해가 갈 수 있다는 점을 담배연기로 표현한 모습입니다~

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이슈인 - 잠실 롯데월드몰 앞에 부착된 공익광고 대상 수상작