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BC 3500 : China

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Niuheliang Temple - China, BC 3500-3000 Banpo Dwelling Site - China, BC 4500 Xishuipo Tomb - China, BC 4000

PREHISTORY, Evolution of houses- Tell Hassuna, Iraq (5500-5000 BC)

Handbook of Chinese Mythology, The dragon appeared within the modern boundaries of China at least 6,000 years ago. In 1987, at Xishuipo Cemetary Ruins in Puyang County, Henan Province, figures of a dragon and a tiger were unearthed in a tomb. Both of them were made from numerous shells. The dragon measured 1.78 meters (nearly 6 feet) in length and 0.67 (2.2 feet) in height. Dating back to over 6,400 years, it is presently the earliest image of a dragon uncovered in Chinese archeology. (100)

Dragon of shells laid out beside a human skeleton on one side and a tiger figure of shells on the opposite side found in Xishuipo, Henan Province, China in a 6,000 year old tomb.

Banpo (Shaanxi Province)The archaeological site of Banpo is a Neolithic village and cemetery on the Wei River in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China. Banpo belongs to the early Yangshao culture, and was occupied between about 4800-4000 BC. Archaeological investigations of the ancient Yellow and Yangtze valleys have produced evidence of the earliest domesticates in east Asia: foxtail millet, Broomcorn millet, and rice.

Niuheliang Hongshan cultural ruins, Lingyuan, junction of Jianping Country [Chaoyang]

Niuheliang goddess - Google

Niuheliang archaeological site

Niuheliang Relic, Chaoyang