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an image of tigers in different poses on white paper with brown and black ink
a painting of a white tiger holding a fish in it's paws with chinese writing on the background
Chinese Tiger Painting 4695036, 66cm x 66cm(26〃 x 26〃)
a painting of a tiger sitting in the snow
Chinese Tiger Painting 4695014, 66cm x 136cm(26〃 x 53〃)
a painting of flowers in a vase on a table next to other art supplies and objects
Undervalued Korean Folk Painting Style to be Highlighted at Art Fair - Be Korea-savvy
two tiger cubs sitting next to each other on a white surface with chinese writing in the background
two pictures of tigers in the snow
Товары для художников :: Учебные пособия :: Учебник гохуа "Тигры в стиле сеи" (серия "Тысяча картин") - Галерея "Синий Феникс" - китайские картины, нефрит, лаковые шкатулки, украшения, фарфор, керамика, бронза, украшения, товары для художников
four tigers running and jumping in the air with their tails spread out, one on its
Portfolio - Kim Jung Gi / SuperAni
two tigers sitting in front of a pine tree
刘旦宅(Liu Dan Zhai)
a painting of a tiger laying down on the ground