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a lego model of a city with people standing around and looking at the buildings on display
Brisbricks LEGO Fan Expo, Chandler 2017 | by maghinds
a lego model of a castle made out of trees and rocks, with a man on a swing in the middle
a large model of a castle made out of legos on display in a building
a purple and yellow flower is in front of a box with the words, pretty like the tangled flower
three different views of a house in the snow
Crow's Nest
a model of a house on display in front of a fireplace with stairs leading up to the second floor
Spontaneous Dragon | Victorian IV - page 1
a lego model of a waterfall with people on it and buildings in the background,
Golden Temple of iJitzu
an elaborate model of a pirate ship on display
BrickCon 2016
~ Lego Mocs ~ Steampunk ~ BrickCon 2016 | by Lino M