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Rolls Royce Custom

I picked this picture because I like the simplicity of the design. The modern elements make the space feel industrial and sophisticate. The bent metal as the table complements the colour of the wall while the warm wood stools warm up the space to balance the colder colours.

Café Treiber Steinenbronn (Germany) Architekturstudio-Fischer. My favorite new treatment.

A great way to have the teas on the shelf behind the counter.

looks like a chalkboard wall... love the idea of being able to create something new on the wall from time to time.

#coffee Source: http://weheartit.com/entry/17312425

This Graphic Shows the Perfect Ratios for 38 Different Coffee Drinks from Lifehacker. Must print and frame by the coffee maker.

Tangent Cafe—nice typography Love the kerning. The space between the letters makes this example of typography crisp and clean cut, very modern/forward-thinking feel pushed through it. This is probably a new age coffee shop.

Always be prepared for any e party indoor or out. Here is a helpful guide to table and seating capacity for any occasion.