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green sea glass earrings with sterling ear wires on a wooden surface, ready to be worn
My Latest Commission
an image of a woman's face with pink lipstick on her lips and eyelashes
The 27 Best Instagram Accounts for Design Inspiration
a black and white photo of a woman's face with silver jewelry on her head
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a clay sculpture of a woman's head with her eyes closed on a black surface
Fabricant de pâtes céramiques
a sculpture is on display with wire wrapped around it's head and face,
a red plastic figure sitting on top of a white surface
Woman Wall Sculpture,Wall Hanging Goddess Statue,Modern 3D Human Figurines Ornaments Decor for Bar Ktv Club Home Cafe Red 1pc
pair of gold earrings on white background
some water droplets on a table and one is upside down
several wine glasses are sitting on the table with water droplets all over them and one is upside down
-uruguruGlass- art work studio - 作品一覧
a wine glass with a faucet attached to it
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