TechCrunch - Sidebar rhythm (blocks fill from the top of each content area; whitespace the occurs below lets content breathe, reducing block bunching)

TechCrunch - Featured article styling at the bottom of the river (conventionally a featured article lives at the top, and remaining articles receive next-to-no 'styling care')

TechCrunch - Sticky 'Next Story' flag sits against viewport edge, shows article title on hover

TechCrunch - floating 'Up Next' box slides in when you reach the bottom of the article, and disappears again when you reach the static 'Up Next' box (displayed further down the sidebar).

TechCrunch - Sidebar tags, also list other articles with the same tag beneath. The module tucks away above the article heading as conventional tag links in mobile view.

TechCrunch - labelling of advertising blocks with 'ADVERTISEMENT'

NewYorkTimes - full screen image viewer, with prev/next navigation

NewYorkTimes - Commenting 'flyout' from RHS

TechCrunch - Tablet view shows on-page display of articles relating to the current article's tags. A small sample are offered, with option below to see all in an archive... 'Progressive enhancement'

NewYorkTimes - Reading 'Ribbon', linked with fixed prev/next buttons (against viewport edge)

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