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Diamond Tools for Granite & Marble

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3 Step Polishing Pads

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Wet Polishing Pads Supreme made by RM Tech Korea (StoneTools Korea®) provides the highest quality; world top selling more than 500 sets monthly

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Super Dry Scud Cutter comes with ultra super turbo segments which never taken off. Guarantees the fastest and most aggressive cutting action with very long life. Made in Korea guarantees consistent high quality.

Metal Polishing Pad ~ Genuine Metal Polishing Pad

Engineered Stone Polishing Pad ~ Standard 7 Steps & 3 Steps

Diamond Tools Mobile Website

Diamond Tools Mobile Website

Copper Bond diamond polishing pads last longer than any resin bonded diamond pads. Aggressive polishing to shape and start the polishing process and extend the life of the lower grit pads. Then seamlessly switch over to the standard pads at 400 and finish the polishing process.

Single Row Grinding Cup Wheel