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a black and white drawing of the letter'a'in wood grained paper
Blog & News - Donhkoland
유리 핑거 페인팅 하자
the front page of an old newspaper with many different pages and numbers on it, including one
텍스트가 가득한 벼룩시장 신문에서 튀는 법
텍스트가 가득한 벼룩시장 신문에서 튀는 법
an abstract black and white photo of the letter s
Monique Goossens' Hair Typography
Monique Goossens' Hair Typography | Trendland: Design Blog & Trend Magazine
an art work made out of white paper and cut into smaller pieces with different shapes
Charles Williams / madeup
charles williams
the silhouettes of various objects are shown in black on a light yellow background,
Bulldogclip typeface. Dave Wood
Bulldogclip typeface. Dave Wood, via Flickr.
the letters and numbers are made out of meat
22 of the World's Most Creative Alphabets
Alphabet Packed Meat by Robert Bolesta
the letters are made up of black and white paper, with hands holding each other's fingers
Figure / ground relationships
Studio238: Figure / ground relationships
the letters are made out of different types of yarns and ribbons, all in various colors
Clothing Alphabet
Behance Showcase & Discover Creative Work Sign Up For Free Hiring Talent? Post a Job Log In PROJECT BY Kathryn Sutton Springfield, MO, USA...
an image of broken eggs and whisk on white background with clippings
Alpha Beater
eggs font (kinda weird, but ya never know when it'll be useful)
fingerprints are shown in different shapes and sizes, including the letter p on one side
20가지 디자인 영감을 주는 Black & White 타이포그라피
20가지 디자인 영감을 주는 Black & White 타이포그라피 - 열정 야매자료실
an apple cut in half with the letter'd'and other letters carved into it
Metropoli (Spain) - Coverjunkie
Metropoli magazine cover: Ace Art Direction Rodrigo Sánchez
the words i chew chew chews you are cut out of pink and green paper
Bubblegum Roll Type
Bubblegum Roll Type on Behance
an aerial view of many different fields and roads
Pictured: The Google Earth alphabet found in Britain's hedgerows, roads and buildings
Pictured: The Google Earth alphabet found in Britains hedgerows, roads and buildings
many different types of folded books on a wooden table with the words'origami'written in them
Book Porn
nevver: More things to do with books (other than read them)