Depicting health at Stanford Medicine Magazine
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"We want to determine not only what makes people feel that they have a higher level of wellness, but also interventions that would help it." Illustration by Christopher Silas Neal

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"Melanoma is rare for people in their 20s, but playing outdoor sports increases the risk." Illustration by Jeffrey Decoster

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"Doctors made her that way, so don't turn your back on her." Illustration by Francesco Bongiorni

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"My awareness of the privilege of doctoring is heightened by my exposure to and immersion in the humanities and arts." Illustration by Jeffrey Fisher.

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"There is still no bigger killer, and this is a totally unnecessary health burden." Illustration by Jeffrey Decoster

"This approach has the potential to change the national discourse around food stamp programs."

"There are many reasons why we might get results that are incorrect, but not easily recognizable as wrong. Particularly if these results fit our own expectations and biases." Illustration by Mark Smith

A DNA sequencing technique could allow oncologists to replace repeat biopsies with a simple blood test. Illustration by Juliette Borda

"Inconsistency among countries in the definitions of a standard drink and of what constitutes low-risk drinking makes it difficult to conduct global research on alcohol use and addiction. Illustration by Juliette Borda

"Stanford researchers observed higher electrochemical activity in certain nerve cells in the brains of risk-averse rats than in those of risk-seeking rats." Illustration by Juliette Borda

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