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Depicting health at Stanford Medicine Magazine

"Doctors made her that way, so don't turn your back on her." Illustration by Francesco Bongiorni

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"Melanoma is rare for people in their 20s, but playing outdoor sports increases the risk." Illustration by Jeffrey Decoster

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"We want to determine not only what makes people feel that they have a higher level of wellness, but also interventions that would help it." Illustration by Christopher Silas Neal

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"Here are eight innovative ways to figure out what’s going on inside of us." Illustration by Paul Wearing

“The long-term future will be identifying a good egg and a good sperm and making a good embryo.” Illustration by Paul Wearing

"When he and his colleagues look at search logs, they don’t see hypochondriacs. They see people who are individually investigating their symptoms, and collectively telegraphing their syndromes." Illustration by Paul Wearing

“With essentially one finger prick, you can detect multiple diseases, multiple biomarkers. We are actually talking about what Theranos wanted to do.” Illustration by Paul Wearing

"For our young patients, it’s huge to have just one scan instead of two or three. We believe PET/MRI can provide that.” Illustration by Paul Wearing

"Is the idea piping images in real time while you’re in the operating room and asking the crowd to help you decide? No. That’s not the point. We’re not trying to ask a medically naive crowd to help us diagnose cancer." Illustration by Paul Wearing

"I would see a traumatic eye injury and want to be able to share an image of it with my senior resident or my attending, but instead could only describe it over the phone in words." Illustration by Paul Wearing