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Fallen Angels

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청춘 18X2 너에게로 이어지는 길

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Zendaya explains sensual scenes without "release" in tennis movie Challengers


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Lolita (1997)
lolita 1997


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a woman laying down on an escalator with her hand in the side pocket
Fallen Angels (1995) dir. Wong Kar-wai
a young man in an apron preparing food
black and white photo of two people sitting at a table in a restaurant or bar
two people hugging each other in the dark
a city street at night with neon signs on the buildings and lights reflecting in the wet pavement
two people are walking down an escalator with their hands on their hipss
two girls hugging each other in front of a mcdonald's sign at night time
fallen angels 1995
a young man standing in front of an oven looking at something on the counter next to him
a woman riding down an escalator in a dark room with lights on the ceiling
fallen angels