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Housing & Dining Services Administration Building / Studio E Architects

Site Analysis: Visualizing a Site Analysis Ever wonder how the environment and natural surroundings will affect the design of a home? Here is a sample of a typical site analysis we think through in the design process, and sometimes illustrate for the client. The interplay of the building mass and natural features, such as trees, sun path, wind patterns, and the form of the land are important items to consider and can help ensure that the site is utilized to maximum advantage.

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circulation diagram 640x575 Atelier Thomas Pucher: Amstetten School Campus

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It's a beautiful museum in Helsingor Denmark. Danish National Maritime Museum / BIG

This incredible pixelated skyscraper by Singapore-based Design Act was a finalist in a competition to design a pavilion for the World Expo 2010. Entitled “My Dream, Our Vision”, the project uses permutated cubes to generate a spectacular modular sculpture that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Singapore as an efficient, dynamic, cosmopolitan, and forward-looking nation.