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“저작권 문제 없나?”…무료 한글 글꼴 37종 총정리

Great typography. The use of space, shape and balance is perfect.

동적 평형. 정재완

[Typo 타이포] 그냥 그러고 싶어서 - 최수지

kijoside kijet.egloos.com

kijoside kijet.egloos.com

아름다운 당신에게 꽃을 선물합니다. 리본의 형태를 이용한 타이포그래피 입니다.

빨간책방 - 김기조

Custom type. Making sure my boo goes to Europe in style :)


I like how this letter is incorporating a human element, but is not fully made out of the hands and arms. If it was simply just a letter or just the arms I don't think it would be as interesting. Mixing them together brings a new aspect to the type.

Actualité / 10 choses apprises en 2013 / étapes: design & culture visuelle

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