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three birds flying over water with a quote on the bottom that reads, if an organization is to grow and devlop, it is essential to
#NHR1 #Pioneers #organisation #harmony #strength
a bunch of different colored smiley faces with a quote on the bottom that says,'all world religions, though their doctors may have as their point of origin
#daisakuikeda #worldreligions #peace #happiness
a white flower with the quote just as the pure white lotus flower blooms unsolled in muddy water, our lives which are extremely noblely noble, can continue to shine even
Lotus Flower
a sunset with the words, a great human revolution in just a single individual will help achieve
3 Point Vow for World Peace (Kosen-Rufu)
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo ~ Human Revolution - Vow for World Peace (Kosen-Rufu)
Buddhist Mantra, Animal Medicine, Buddhist Philosophy, Buddha Teachings
#NHR Vol.3 1.#WestwardTransmission #karma
a black and white photo with a quote on it that says, no matter how wonderful our dreams, how noble our ideas, or how high our hopes, ulinate
Daisaku Ikeda
daisies and other flowers in the sky with a quote from daisy leeda on it
#daisakuikeda #perseverance #determination #victory #joy
#Gosho 69: Reply to the Lay Priest Takahashi , WND-1 605 Life Philosophy
#Gosho 69: Reply to the Lay Priest Takahashi , WND-1 605
some yellow flowers with a quote on it that says,'relaxe happiness is happiness that
a poem written on the side of a mountain with an orange sky in the background
Shiny Starr Light
There is no point for this tumblr blog other than my using it as a convenient online storage...
an image with the words, individuals is entanglement it's often difficult for people to take a fresh step forward
#daisakuikeda #encouragement #helpothers
the text is in white on a blue background
Teaching Mindfulness