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a person holding up a box of cheese fries with a house potato sign in the background
cheesy fries
an ice cream sundae with two spoons in it sitting on a wooden table
caramel crumbs
two eggs are sitting in a bowl on a table
plain porridge
there are two croissants, an egg roll and coffee on the table
star bees
a black plate topped with pasta and meat on top of a white marble countertop
carby carbo
a salad on a blue plate with an odd shaped cracker sticking out of it
caesar cheese
a white bowl filled with fried food on top of a table
drum roll
three plates with different foods on them sitting on a table next to a cell phone
fancy porky
two plates filled with different types of food on top of a wooden table next to each other
a table topped with plates and bowls filled with food
truffle risotto
sushi on a black plate with chopsticks next to it and an open book
kim bab
a white plate topped with different types of food
mini mix
a white plate topped with food next to bowls filled with fruit and veggies
pao pao
there is a bowl of soup and some food on the table
korean mandu
two white plates topped with different types of food next to each other on a table
porky egg