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Chiharu Shiota, His Chair [MART-Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto,Trento / Rovereto], 2008

Doris Salcedo Topography of War 1600 chairs on an empty space between two buildings in Istanbul.

Umbrella instalation

A fun idea for a summer wedding between 2 golfers! *grin* Golf Ball place cards

Unique way to display vintage golf clubs (available at 3F's next estate sale)

7E Interview with Artist Julien Bayle We’ve interviewed French Visual/Sound Artist Julien Bayle to discuss his technical art and sound design. _____________________________________________________ 7E: What programs/code do you use to create your art? What programs/instruments/techniques do you use to create your music or sounds? I’m using frameworks like Max6 (formerly Max/MSP & Jitter), Openframeworks & Processing. As a teacher, I also give courses about these and especially ...