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Creative E-Moda

Jessica would like to propose women's clothing as a outfit, comfortable & unique in stylewise, My own style differentiated with others; that's why I exist " ERGO SUM "
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2012 F/W jessica's proposal Exit3: cotton jergey zipup jacket, black and grey color available, cowl neck line: very stylish


2012 F/W jessica's proposal Exit5: overloose tailored color blue shirt ; try to wear leggings or skinny pants


2012 F/W jessica's proposal exit 13 let's enjoy coloful padding jumper: knitting border in sleeves & hood it gives younger image

2012 F/W Jessica's proposal Exit 12: Long & lean pullover style lined with button at back: matched with retro croche muffler

2012 F/W Jessica's proposal Exit 11: A knitted honey comb with rabbit tromming short jacket; coordinated with brown melange pullover and tweed balloon mini skirt : sooooo cute^^.

2012 F/W Jessica's proposal Exit 10: A knitted belted shawl collar jacket with a locoon fur, it target for a comfortable sophisticated look.

2012 F/W Jessica's proposal Exit 9: A knitted gilet with a locoon fur, a belted chane helps express very femenin looks, a jacquard knit muffler coordinated as well

2012F/W Jessica's proposal exit 8: a knitted cardigan with hood , very soft touchness; knitted for a human made mohair

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2012 F/W jessica's proposal Exit7: crew neck pullover overloose boxy sleeve with a long polssini , orange color as well.