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The Ecosphere ensures that your friendly flora are running at their highest performance by giving them a convenient compost boost. The indoor composting/planter combination makes it easy to produce nutrient-rich humus with your leftover foods. #Green #Technology #Design #YankoDesign

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Eco Bath System Designer Jang Woo-Seok, a student at Seoul National University, created the Eco Bath System which reuses up to 50% of the total water consumption. The Eco Bath System accumulates sink water in order to be reused to flush the toilet.

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WWF - One daily drop Living calendar on Industrial Design Served

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Cool eco-toilet. I will have something like this in my forever home!

Sustainable Water Source

Imagine #humans had no idea of what a faucet or #shower was. What it did, how it evolved over the #years. Now imagine in today’s day and age, someone designed the first faucet/showerhead. That’s what Daphne is. It’s unusually brilliant with its Dyson-esque shape and appeal. Tripling up as a shower, handshower, and a faucet, #Daphne does a brilliant job as all three, going as far as using its own form to its advantage. Sure to be the coolest thing in your entire #house! #YankoDesign…

Steam iron design presentation board