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two cats are sitting on the green shelves in this home office area, and one cat is looking at the camera
Home Sweet-Smelling Home: 14 Cats & Counting
Home Sweet-Smelling Home: 14 Cats & Counting | WebEcoist
a cat climbing up the side of a bookshelf in a room with white shelving
DesignTAXI Community: Creative Connections, Conversations and Collaborations
‘Perfect Cat House’ With A Bookshelf That Doubles As A Cat’s Playground
three cats sitting on top of bookshelves in a room with wood floors and white walls
22 Bookshelf Ideas That Will Please Every Type of Reader
Cat tower bookshelf.
a cat sitting on top of a tree in a living room next to a dog
Feline Design - DIY for Cat Homes
A #treehouse for your cat! Genius! Feline Design - DIY for Cat Homes
a cat tree in the corner of a room with several items on it and a lamp next to it
Mari's DIY boligindretning ~ Velkommen
Homemade cat tree - my own creation
a cat tree in the middle of a living room next to a door and potted plant
Sprüche die vom ficken handeln
Cat Tree. DIY. Branch. Homemade for Cats. ;
two pictures of the same building in different stages of construction, one has a birdcage
The Ultimate Cat Tree - Second Hope Circle helps special needs pets in Ontario find homes through promotion, education and funding!
a stair case with shelves on the wall next to a banister in a house
a cat sitting in a tree house made out of a trunk with flowers around it
Fantasy Cat Trees
Fantasy Cat Furniture~ Luxury Cat Trees, Custom Cat Condos, Cat Towers
a bookshelf filled with lots of books and a cat statue on top of it
The Cat Library • hauspanther
Very cool bookshelf cat climber! If your cat is into reading, or climbing, or both, it's perfect!
a wooden sculpture with many pieces of wood on it
This item is unavailable | Etsy
I love the natural look of this cat tower...
a black and white cat sitting on top of a wooden shelf next to a wall
Secret drawer ideas – perfect for hiding things in plain sight
Cats love to climb on shelves and furniture. So it would be nice if you could find a corner where you could put up some shelves where your cat could sit and have fun. And while you do that you might as well take full advantage of that space and hide some drawers into the shelves. You can store your cat’s toys in there or even valuables.
a cat sitting on top of a white shelf The Refined Feline Catemporary Cat Corner in White: Pet Supplies