ggc: grand green challenge conference - shin, dokho

폰트클럽>타이포웍스:: 타이포그래피 작품 온라인 전시공간

최정호 원도 모음 포스터 (타이포잔치 2011) from 최정호 : 네이버캐스트

korean graphic design | Korean language - Design

아이콘 디자인 SNS 올려 美 애플에 취직한 한국 청년

A major figure in Korean graphic design, Ahn Sang-soo's work is both multi-faceted and poetic. In his reinvention of the art of writing he has taken on an art-form that is almost universal. Ahn Sang-Soo has long been one of the most influential designers in East Asia. His typographical development work in his native Korea has almost made him a household name.

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