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Evidence Packaging

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Window boxes feature that allow you view evidence, record serial numbers and other information without sacrificing the integrity, strength and durability you’ve come to expect from Evi-Paq® evidence boxes. Based on customer reviews, we have added a much stronger glue bond of the polystyrene window to the corrugated box to ensure integrity.Strong glue bond of the polystyrene window to the corrugated box to ensure integrityRigid polystyrene windows provides view of evidenceEach box measures…


Long Warning—Sealed Evidence Labels, 2.5cm x 17.8cm (1" x 7"), Pack of 100Ideal for sealing envelopes, check sleeves, bags or lids on jars.A slit appears every seven inches, so one seal at a time can be removed

Virtually impossible to violate, Tamper Guard Evidence Tape outperforms all evidence tapes and is ideal for anchoring and sealing today’s exotic plastics and other finishes. Each roll is printed in safety orange using a special dye that will bleed and smear if it comes into contact with most solvents, and is printed on a thin acrylic stock that tears easily. A superior adhesive and minute saw-tooth edges along both sides of the tape leave signs of tampering. Easy to write on, this tape is…

This heavy plastic syringe container features a bayonet locking system that secures evidence and prevents accidental spillage. Each pack includes 12 individual tubes.Tubes are pre-labeled with an information sticker and bio-hazard warningA bayonet locking system that secures evidence and prevents accidental spillageEach tube is poly-bagged to eliminate contamination prior to useTubes will hold syringes up to 19.7cm (7.75") long

These tubes measure 2.2cm (7/8") in diameter and18.4cm (7.25") long. They do not contain a cork but have metal caps on each end to prevent sharp items from poking through the ends.Safe and secure storage for sharp itemsMetal caps

Evidence Tags allow you to quickly and easily tag items for storage. Each tag has a flat tab at the end that can be written on directly, or an adhesive evidence label may be applied to it. They are self-locking and cannot be removed without damage to the tag. Tags are constructed of UV resistant plastic and come in two colors — red or yellow. Small Evidence Tags are 15.2cm (6") long and feature a small white write-on panel.Quick and easy to useSelf-locking and cannot be removed without ...

Small pieces of metal, glass or other sharp objects may tear through paper or plastic bags and injure someone. Bullets stored in plastic may oxidize, destroying firearm striations. Boxes protect them from these hazards. The included cotton keeps the item from moving.Each box is 6.4 cm x 4.4 cm x 2.5 cm (2.5" x 1.75" x 1")

Made of ultra-durable 200 psi burst strength cardboard stock, these evidence boxes were designed for strength and security. Pre-scored holes line the bottom of the box so you can quickly tie evidence down with nylon tie-downs. Fits most firearms encountered at a crime scene.Designed for strength and securityEasy to useEach box measures 123.2 cm x 16.5 cm x 5 cm (48.5" x 6.5" x 2")

Repair Kit for Impulse Bag SealerModel Number 3-0150

This assortment of clear storage jars are excellent for the collection and storage of soils and other samples or pieces of evidence that may be easily lost if placed in a paper bag. These jars can also be used to store latent print powder for agencies who purchase their powder in bulk. Give each individual their own 1 or 2 oz. jar of powder, then refill as necessary. Clear jars allow for easy identification of any items placed inside the jar. Each jar is supplied with a tight fitting lid.