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a woman wearing a pink and gray necklace with flowers on it's sides,
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Crochet Flower Rose Necklace Jewelry - Crocheted by Donna Wolfe from Naztazia
a crocheted snowman hugging a stuffed reindeer on a blue background with a red hat and scarf
Crochet Snowman | Etsy
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a crocheted frog sitting on top of a white sheet with eyes wide open
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a stuffed frog sits in the bushes next to a sign that says frog parking only all others will toad
sandyeggers02's Froggy Big Head baby Doll
Ravelry: sandyeggers02's Froggy Big Head baby Doll
several crocheted animals are shown in different colors and sizes, including one with an animal face
Adorable crochet cushions... too bad there are no instructions :(
a crocheted teddy bear sitting next to three little monsters in front of the caption boxy bear
Boxy Bear
Boxy Bear free crochet pattern