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an outdoor fire pit in the grass with mushrooms around it
wish I could build this for my backyard!!
an old wooden fire pit filled with coal
Biochar session - portable kilns. — Edible Acres
a large round structure made out of hay and wire
Building a Jean Pain Style Compost Pile | Midwest Permaculture
Compost Furnace
there is a garden with rocks and gravel in the ground next to a white building
How To Make A Keyhole Garden: The Ultimate Raised Bed
How To Make A Keyhole Garden: The Ultimate Raised Bed
a man standing in an open hole with a shovel
Footnotes from the Field: Biochar - British Columbia Organic Grower
Marjorie Harris BSc, IOIA VO, P.Ag. with many thanks to Zbigniew Wierzbicki of Elderberry Lane Farm for sharing his knowledge and experience Turning Wood into Long Term Soil Fertility Hooray! Biochar has arrived in the new PSL Nov. 25th 2015 edition! Biochar is considered an excellent way t
How to make compost tea
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The Only Compost Tea Recipe You'll Ever Need | Wild Abundance
a man standing next to a pile of rocks
Sepp Holzer uses no irrigation (permaculture forum at permies)
Easy and Cool Cement Projects for Home and Backyard!