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UGG Crossbody Bag - bet I could DIY this. Looks like its knit with larger needles in the body of the bag (1k 1p rib) then smaller ones for the front pouch. Very cute!

... the hat and the girl ❤ This hat was so much fun! The tassels are not only cute they also add weight to the hat and helps it to stay on her head. Pattern: Capucine by Adela Illichmanova – downlo...

Knitted hat and mittens

Оригинальные вязаные шапки | Вяжем с Ланой

Оригинальные вязаные шапки | Вяжем с Ланой

«또 메리야스잇기기억이안나서 동영상보고 이음ㅎ 해마다 찾아봐야되는...나... 히든싱어 민경훈편 너무 재밌어요ㅋㅋ 2라운드에서 다음소절까지부를려다가멈칫하는거너무웃기고귀엽ㅋ #대바늘 #뜨개질 #knitting #knitholic #whynotknit #yarn…»

tatting looks beautiful by Penny Charman

Tatted lace Headband - I think this could be done with several of the bookmark patterns! Sweet!

Rose's Round Robin Doily by Rose Rogers Georgia Seitz Barbara Bruyer Amy Drake