Book, because knowledge is important. Based on awesome concept from Arslan Shyriiev.

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This was a particularly fun project. My objective was to adapt the design of Mercy from Overwatch as a Healing Fountain that could be found in Heroes of the Storm.

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heart 1<br>This is a crystal that I made in ZBrush and handpainted just to try out something new and fun.

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Texturing exercise of a pokeball, ~3h from starting modeling in Blender to exporting maps from Quixel. PBR Metalness workflow.<br>More info + textures:<br>Blender/Photoshop/Quixel

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Low poly concept<br>(more info on

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Hearthstone fanart by matheusoliveira

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A chest for an upcoming scene I am working. The texture was primarily painted in 3d coat, using the high poly bake lighting information as a base. Diffuse,normal and Spec. Presented in Marmoset 2

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A set of low poly lootable and collectable items for games! Courtesy of Csaba B.!

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Several Dad Food Items from Dad by the Sword.

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Hand Painted shield I designed.

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