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the interior of an office building with white walls and flooring is shown in three different views
큐플레이스 :: 상업공간 인테리어 비교견적 서비스
[No.175 디저트샵오] 마카롱 디저트 카페 인테리어 15평, 타일 대리석 모던
the interior of a fast food restaurant with wooden ceilinging and white walls, along with counter space
Bit Union Akersgata by MAVERICK and MONTAAG, Oslo | urdesignmag
Designed by local design studio MONTAAG in collaboration with MAVERICK CONCEPTS, Bit Union, now open in Entra’s new office building on Akersgata, is an expansion on BIT, the fast-casual restaurant concept that has served salads, baguettes and pastries to hungry Osloers since 1998.
the interior of a restaurant with tables and chairs
Restaurant Design | Design Pinn
We extended the palette to include coastal whites and sandy neutrals, authentic materials and custom carpets and lights.
a counter with wine glasses on it in a room filled with chairs and chandeliers
The Athenaeum Hotel & Residences in London's Mayfair by Kinnersley Kent Design.
a bar with wine glasses on the shelves and an old fashioned sink in front of it
Smalls | Fiona Lynch
Smalls | Fiona Lynch interior design office Melbourne
the inside of a fast food restaurant with lots of breads in front of it
the inside of a store with lots of items on display in it's windows
Home - Luchetti Krelle
Beautiful. Very sophisticated, good lighting, nice palate
there are many different foods on the counter in this store that is open for business
Café counters and food displays | TFSE Products Ltd
Café Counters | Cafe Display Counters and Stands
a man sitting at a counter in a restaurant
Ur Design
a man preparing food inside of a kitchen next to shelves filled with bread and pastries
We love hotspots: Eindhoven en België | vtwonen
we love hotspots: bar marie
a display case filled with pastries on top of a wooden table
a metal table with a wooden top on a hard wood floor
Idea 427500: Heavybit Industries by IwamotoScott Architecture in San Francisco, United States
Heavybit Industries, a new curated community for cloud software developers, is designed as a series of architectural interventions inserted into an existing ...
an image of the side of a door with four square panels on each side and one diagonal panel at the top
BELLAVISTA COLLECTION | Upholstered walls, Upholstered wall panels, Wall paneling LUV Living a Unique Vision…:
three crates sitting in front of a white brick wall with neon signs above the boxes
Not short of Instagram love, San Fran bakery @mrholmesbakehouse killed it on here in 2015, and was by far the most popular American establishment on We Heart. #15from15