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a cross stitched picture of a field of flowers with mountains in the distance behind it
50 Times People Embroidered Really Creative And Cool Things (New Pics)
Lots Of French Knots On 9” Hoop
an embroidery art work with water lilies in the pond and lily pads on it
Monet’s Water Lily Embroidery
an embroidery project with water lilies in the background and text that reads hand embroidery water lilies
Thread Painting Inspired by Claude Monet. Hand Embroidery. - Etsy
someone is holding up a hand embroidered mountain scene with trees and clouds in the background
the cover of an info sheet with mountains and clouds in it, as well as other information
Love Embroidery issue 39
an embroidered picture of a cat in the grass with dandelions and daisies
a person holding up a painted wooden frame with pink flowers on the outside and sky in the background
an embroidery project with flowers and clouds in the background
Wildflower Wishes
a cross stitch pattern is hanging on a blue background, with the words quilt in front of it
a hand holding up a small embroidery art piece with water lilies and a bridge in the background
SewBeautifulx on Etsy
an embroidery project with white flowers and black fabric in the center on a wooden table