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女画家刘菊清工笔作品欣赏 - 春意闹

Auspicious Symbols: Crane, Rising Sun and Peach | ca. 1850 | Okamoto Shuki (Japanese, 1807 - 1862) | Edo period | Ink and color with gilt on silk; ivory jiku. | Japan | Purchase | Freer Gallery of Art | F1998.297

화조묘구도(花鳥猫狗圖) Koran folk panting: flower, bird, cat and dog

Jinghua Gao Dalia - Brush Magic

Traditional Korean art by contemporary artist Jin Myoung Kang

1. 민화 문배도 - 아교포수, 먹선 그리기, 호분 칠하기 :: 일상과 이상

The Tree Peonies Painting. 모란도 The peony among ancient Orientals has been known as a symbol of wealth. The Peony also drawn separately, but only to draw with rock, plum, orchid, chrysanthemum and bamboo, the Four Gracious Plants (四君子) and was painted to harmonize. The peony is a symbol of the king, because the peony has been recognized as the king of flowers.