Korean clothing: traditional accessories, headgear, hanbok, footwear, seal....
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Traditional Korean Accessories | Binyeo (비녀) Traditional Korean Hair Accessory / Geleneksel Kore ...

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Korean, Binyeo, Traditional Long Hairstick, Handcarved Coral and Gold, Eggplant Shape Design

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Hanbok Accessories: Norigae

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.Traditional knots (maedup, 매듭) have been used for various purposes throughout the ages. They were first only worn by royal families, but were later admired and used by common people. Nowadays, this traditional craft is preserved by skillful artists and is often viewed as a modern artform. These beautiful works of art can be purchased in the shops of Insadong or in the Dong-Lim Knot Museum. For more information, visit: http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/SI/SI_EN_3_1_1_1.jsp?cid=562863.

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Traditional Korean Accessories | Sonjjang Korean Traditional Hair Accessory for Women Queen HANBOK ...

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#Hanbok Accessories: Binyeo (Hair Pin)

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Traditional Korean jewelery and hair accessories primarily featuring Jade.

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Korean, Dwikkotyi, Jade, Coral, Gold

Korean hair accessories

Traditional hairstyles worn with #Hanbok: The Korean hanbok represents one of the most visible aspects of Korean culture, and hair is an important element in these outfits.

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